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Condition Monitoring Programs - Overview:

RMS has for many years been implementing and supporting Reliability-Based Maintenance programs, covering a wide spectrum of industrial sectors including: Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Utilities, Electronics, throughout.

The Reliability-Based Maintenance strategy employs preventive (planned), predictive, and proactive maintenance technologies in an integrated manner to increase the confidence that a machine or component will operate dependably over an extended life cycle. This integrated approach offers the best strategy for achieving maximum equipment reliability.

The importance of understanding and knowing actual plant-running health cannot be over emphasised for reliable running and maintaining up time of plant processes and production. As a result progressive maintenance and reliability teams continually strive to measure, monitor and improve plant running health.


Consultancy Services:


Criticality Assesments

A key step for improving asset reliability and availability is to assess and document Plant Criticality and the impact of failure for individual assets and systems, which in turn will provide maintenance and reliability teams with key areas for improvement focus. 

Asset Care Plan

RMS can provide customised services such as our Asset Care Plans, which not only look at what is to be monitored, but also rank the asset according to its criticality within the organisation.


Site Support

RMS Site Support Services: Troubleshooting, Commissioning / Verification Equipment Sales, Database Set-Up & Support, or Holiday cover 

CSI 2140 Analyser

The CSI 2140 is the next generation in a family of industry-leading vibration analyzers from Emerson. Read about the advantages of owning the new breed of vibration analyser!

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Luneta Oil Pod

The fantastic Condition Monitoring Oil Pod from Luneta is the next generation in machinery inspection and fault detection. Built in oil sampling port, magnetic plug, corrosion rods and 3D sight glass

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CSI 9420 Wireless VA

CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter – Providing Accurate Vibration Monitoring in Hard-To-Reach Locations

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