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Criticality Assesments

A key step for improving asset reliability and availability is to assess and document Plant Criticality and the impact of failure for individual assets and systems, which in turn will provide maintenance and reliability teams with key areas for improvement focus.

Based upon the need to better understand the impact of individual asset failure, our Plant Criticality studies will show the resultant benefits:

•    Focus the maintenance and reliability teams’ focus, application and resources

•    Provide an overall and individually ranked asset list in terms of criticality and importance to the business

•    Better understand the impact failure of each individual asset, with respect to safety, environment, production and maintenance

•    Provide a focus for developing and identifying asset defence plans (i.e. selection of the best and most appropriate maintenance techniques)

•    Help identify and set asset health monitoring periods

•    Identify system bottlenecks

•    Assist maintenance program building and planning

Documents for this section are:

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CSI 2130 Analyser


The CSI 2130 stands alone as the industry-leading vibration data collector, but its capabilities also include: Advanced Vibration Analysis Cross-Channel Analysis Transient Analysis Dynamic Balancing Laser Shaft Alignment Motor Monitoring



CSI 9420 Wireless VA

CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter – Providing Accurate Vibration Monitoring in Hard-To-Reach Locations



CSI 5200 Oil Lab

The CSI 5200 Machinery Health Oil Analyzer tests oil for machine wear, lube system contamination, and chemistry changes of the oil that are indicative of machinery health degradation.