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Laser Alignment and Balancing CSI 2130

Vibration Analyser CSI 2130 with CSI 8225 Laser Alignment

The CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer  is the  Foundation for Effective Machinery Health Management. Coupled with the CSI 8225 Laser aligment package turns the CSI 2130 into a more powerfull package that, not only can cover your vibration needs, but also can rectify those misalignment issues.

The CSI 8225 Laser Alignment system is designed to get the job done quickly and accurately. It provides a confidence

check for every alignment correction before the machine is moved. Review alternate solutions for a boltbound machine
with the touch of a button. Adjust the laser heads to a convenient angle to watch the real-time display of changes
to alignment. Instant feedback on tolerance is provided in the form of an intuitive bulls-eye graphic. When the job is
complete, load the data to AMS Machinery Manager for before-and-after documentation and reporting.

Routine data and corrective maintenance jobs can be uploaded to the companion AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager software for analysis and reporting.

Dynamic Balancing

The Advanced Balancing application allows you to use the CSI 2130 as a powerful field balancer. This application combines advanced technology with simple, straightforward operation for a fast, effective solution to your balancing problems. Thegraphical user interface automatically guides you through the balance checklist so that only minimal training is required for effective operation. The application offers a basic mode for simple one or two-plane balancing and an advanced mode for more complex jobs. Full job documentation can be printed or stored in AMS Machinery Manager.


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CSI 2130 Analyser


The CSI 2130 stands alone as the industry-leading vibration data collector, but its capabilities also include: Advanced Vibration Analysis Cross-Channel Analysis Transient Analysis Dynamic Balancing Laser Shaft Alignment Motor Monitoring



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