What is vibration analysis in maintenance?

30-Second Summary

  • Vibration Analysis calculations allow you to detect early signs of machine failure/deterioration. 
  • A trained vibration analyst can easily understand the basics of vibration analysis as well as the failure modes of the equipment.
  • Predictive maintenance helps in preplanning all maintenance tasks as well as any unavoidable downtime.
  • Vibration data acquired from reactive maintenance can help replace or repair the parts which are exhibiting signs of wear and tear.

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Flue Gas Recycle Fan: Introduction

The Flue Gas Recycle Fan is part of the COGA unit. The fan increases the efficiency of the COGA unit by recycling a proportion of the incinerated gases from the COGA stack. The fan is critical in sustaining high rates of operation on the plant, catastrophic failure of this fan would result in a COGA unit shut down. This would increase the emissions to the atmosphere and heavy fines could be imposed by the Environment Agency. Read more

As part of the Innovate UK fund, over the past 2 years RMS have been involved in an ‘Intelligent Wireless Vibration System’ collaboration between the Building Research Establishment (BRE), Cybula, Griffiths Associates and Skanska. The project called REAM (Enabling remote built environment asset management using embedded intelligence) is tasked with enabling low-cost embedded intelligence within the Facilities Management (FM) market. Read more