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For those wishing to take the take a Distance Learning Online Mobius examination, please carefully read and follow the instructions below.

Option 1: Attend a Registered Test Center

With your Certificate of Completion from Mobius Institute you can register to sit the exam at your local Mobius’s test center. Here you can find the list of available test centers worldwide.

Option 2: Video Application process

There are two options, a paper exam or an online exam – both require an invigilator and video capture as described below. In order to qualify and be eligible for an Online Mobius Certification Exam you’ll first need to have completed and arranged the following:

  1. Review the Certification Guide
  2. Review the Certification Invigilation notes
  3. Complete the Examination Invigilation Application
  4. Install and test Video Software, available for Mac or PC
  5. Install Safe-exam-browser Software, available for Mac or PC
  6. Upload the Exam Video to Mobius

Independently Invigilated Exams

Mobius Institute has recently (April 2023) updated the independently invigilated exam process to assist students in understanding the requirements, and allowing them to prioritise the online exam setups for Training Partners.

The exam date has been removed from the independently invigilated exam application form. Students are now setup with a practice exam as soon as the application is received, and sent an email advising that we will ensure that payment has been received, obtain the invigilation declaration and check the language is available for the selected category. Additionally Mobius Institute will advise students that they should have received access to the practice exam so that they can ensure they are comfortable with the system prior to their certification exam.

Once all required steps have been completed the student and invigilator will be emailed to advise they can now arrange the exam session on a day/time suitable for them.

Online Exam Demo by Mobius Institute

Evidencing experience

CAT I: you’ll need 6 months or more experience in VA (Same for ARP-A). When completing the experience section on the application form please provide sufficient details of your experience, ie. involved with the setup of a VA program, have taken measurements on various machines, done VA routes and generated exception reports etc.)

CAT II: you’ll need 18 months or more experience in VA (24 months (ARP-E). When completing the experience section on the application form please provide sufficient details of your experience.

CAT III: you’ll need 36 months or more experience in VA and have a valid CAT II certificate (48 months ARP-L). When completing the experience section on the application form please provide sufficient details of your experience.

Note: Please make sure you fill in ALL details on the form – any forms not completed correctly or forms that are incomplete could be delayed in processing and could result in exam papers not being released.

Note: all certifications are valid for 5 years.


Payments are made directly to RMS Ltd with payment details collected on the Student Enrollment form (link in the email).

For those with an RMS account please send your PO by email in the usual way: wendy (at) rms-reliability.com. For non RMS accounts, a Pro-forma invoice will be sent by email – payment is required upon on receipt to guarantee the booking.

Note: we also accept all major credit card payments if you’d prefer this method, but please note a 2.5% card processing fee is applied for all ‘Corporate’ card payments. Call the RMS Accounts department on +44 (0)1206 791917 if you wish to pay by credit card.

If you need any further assistance please contact the RMS Training team via info (at) rms-training.com or +44 (0)1206 791917.