Arlanxeo wins BEMAS Asset Performance Award

rms bemas award 2019 arlanexo belgium

Arlanxeo Performance Elastomers, Belgium, win a BEMAS Asset Performance Award; from all at RMS Reliability, many congratulations on this well-deserved achievement.

In the category ‘Best Improvement in Maintenance & Asset Management’, Christophe Van de Maele and Kristof Van Den Berghe of Arlanxeo were allowed to take the trophy home. The four case examples in which they used their new motion amplification camera received great acclaim.

Best Improvement in Maintenance & Asset Management
Arlanxeo received the award for improving reliability in the 16 extruders in the finishing department. When an extruder comes to a standstill, the repair often takes 7 days. This results in a loss of € 1 million. There were 4 failures per year to the extruders, the cause of which was unknown in half of the cases. By means of vibration measurements, it is not always possible to find the correct cause. In addition to the standard solutions available. Improving the alignment, reinforcing structures, adapting the material of the anchor bolts, there were still problems. Thanks to a combination of further root cause analysis and the motion amplification camera, which magnifies minimal vibrations, the malfunctions could be tackled more successfully. Christophe Van de Maele and Kristof Van Den Berghe received the award for Arlanxeo.

Arlanxeo have a well developed Condition Monitoring and Reliability Team at their plant in Belgium. They invested in an IRIS M Motion Amplification System from RMS Ltd late 2018 with certified training carried out onsite early 2019.

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Last updated: 28th May 2024

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