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PRO Line Proximity Probe Sets RMS UK

PRO Line Proximity Probe Sets Fit for Purpose

RMS takes pride in recommending high quality condition monitoring solutions that are fit-for purpose. The range of PRO Line Proximity Probes are both that, and some!

COLCHESTER, UK, July 26, 2022. PRO is a hardware manufacturer that is proud of sticking to what they do best – providing the best, most durable hardware that is compatible with standard condition monitoring software. That’s why every PRO product is proudly backed by their industry-leading lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. Should your PRO product ever fail due to faulty materials or construction, they will repair or replace it at no cost to you.8mm driver is probe

PRO Line Proximity Probe Sets are the industry’s highest quality solutions for the measurement of your critical machinery’s shaft vibration, displacement, speed, and the overall the vibration of rotating machines in the harshest industrial conditions.

Also referred to as Eddy Current Probe Sets, they are the industry’s most durable and reliable probes, drivers and extension cords for measuring shaft vibration and displacement on your most critical industrial machinery. PRO Line Proximity Probe Sets are fully compatible with all major data collectors.

Speaking on behalf of RMS, Managing Director, Dean Whittle, commented; “Over the past twenty years RMS has been committed to implementing plant reliability and condition monitoring improvement programs throughout the CBM industry. We run extensive training programs that include latest industry news and cutting-edge CBM products which in return provide invaluable opportunities to learn what technologies can make a huge impact for our customers.

Speaking with our clients it was clear to see that there was an opportunity to further enhance the RMS range of sensors with the addition of the PRO Line Proximity Probe Sets. As experts in designing and manufacturing Proximity Probe Sets, PRO makes the perfect match for RMS.”

“Our family-based values are a great match for business collaboration with RMS.” said PRO’s Co-owner, Todd Cook. “After 26 years, PRO is proud to continue as a family-owned and operated business. Todd and Laura’s oldest son Andrew has taken on the role of Director of Sales, and daughter, Charlotte, has taken on the role of Director of Marketing.

RMS is also family co-owned, together with Stuart Walker. Over a similar period of time, the team at RMS have continually demonstrated excellence across the CBM industry. We couldn’t be happier that they are making our PRO Line Proximity Probes available to their customers.”

It was reassuring to know that every PRO product is backed by a lifetime warranty. If our PRO product ever fails due to faulty materials or construction, PRO will repair or replace it at no cost.” – Maintenance Manager, Nuclear Industry

Learn more about the range of PRO Line Proximity Probe Sets, including a smart ‘Probe Set Part Builder’, a detailed Powerpoint presentation, a personal video introduction, comprehensive technical product specifications, and an easy to use form to request commercial quotations.


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Founded in 1999 by senior engineers Dean Whittle and Stuart Walker, Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd have optimised machine-reliability efficiencies through hands-on services and consultancy, innovative product solutions, and specialised certified training. RMS customers are technicians, engineers, electricians, maintenance managers, and CM practitioners who install, troubleshoot, and maintain industrial, electrical, and calibration processes.

PRO Proximity Probe Sets

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PRO is a family-owned company founded in 1994 in the basement of owners Todd and Laura Cook’s home in Williamsville, NY. PRO’s commitment to a high standard of excellence has never wavered, and we believe this focus has contributed greatly to PRO’s success. PRO Proximity Probe Sets are compatible with multiple third-party data collectors and online monitoring systems. PRO products enable efficient vibration monitoring for predictive maintenance in a wide variety of industries.

Last updated: 28th May 2024