RMS teams with Sensoteq on launch of latest reliability technology

RMS Sensoteq Wireless Vibration Sensor Launch News

Introducing the Kappa X Wireless Vibration Sensor

Reliability Maintenance Solutions has joined forces with Northern Ireland-based company, Sensoteq, to bring to market the latest innovation in wireless reliability technology.

COLCHESTER, UK, May. 5, 2022. Kappa X Wireless Vibration Sensor is the newest product designed and developed by Sensoteq under the expert guidance of Research Partners, RMS. Pairing cleverly designed sensor technology with big data algorithms, the partnership is revolutionising the predictive maintenance market, by making reliability best practice accessible, affordable and easy to implement in any industrial application.Kappa X wireless vibration sensor

The sensor features proprietary wireless technology, a replaceable battery design and a market-leading fault detection capacity within a compact 25mm footprint, meaning it can be mounted on virtually any piece of rotating equipment in any industry.

Speaking on behalf of RMS, Technical Director, Stuart Walker, commented; “Over the past twenty years RMS has been committed to implementing plant reliability and condition monitoring improvement programs throughout the CBM industry. We run extensive training programs that include latest industry news and cutting-edge CBM products which in return provide invaluable opportunities to learn what technologies can make a huge impact for our customers. Speaking with our clients it was clear to see that there was a gap in the market for a wireless reliability sensor, which could deliver advanced detailed measurements in a continuous application.”

As experts in designing and manufacturing wireless condition monitoring sensors, Sensoteq makes the perfect match for RMS.

“RMS is well-known throughout the CBM industry” said Sensoteq CEO, Idir Boudaoud. “I speak with customers all over the world who have been trained at the Reliability Training Institute or benefited from RMS services. We knew that by joining forces we could create an exceptional CBM product and we are delighted that RMS will be distributing Kappa X throughout the United Kingdom. As Research Partners, they have had tremendous input into the design features of our latest technology.”

The latest product release to market, Kappa X, features all the benefits reliability experts expect from a smart sensor. Smart wake technology enables the sensor to enter ultra-low power mode to preserve battery life; auto-ranging allows the sensor to automatically scale up to +/-64G to measure peak energy exerted by the machine; and a wide vibration frequency range of up to 10kHz results in even earlier detection of faults.

Wireless Sensor Gateway SensoteqThe smart technology raises an alarm when vibration or temperature trends increase beyond typical values for a machine type. Machine specific algorithms act to organise complex data into coherent and simplistic outputs on the Sensoteq Analytix platform, which in turn enables machine operators to pinpoint specific mechanical or electrical faults with their equipment. As the machine data is stored securely on the cloud for detailed analysis, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Citing over 20 years of expertise in vibration analysis, RMS has helped to advise on sophisticated analytics tools for advanced diagnostics, all adding up to a wireless reliability system which truly performs.

Quick and easy to install, affordable, and user configurable, Kappa X Wireless Vibration Sensor is the obvious starting point for any operational reliability program. To find out more or to arrange a consultation, visit the Kappa X page or contact us as at [email protected].

We have successfully resolved problems much earlier by using the Kappa X Wireless Vibration Sensor. The Team at RMS are experts in CBM practices, and sensors are part of our future journey.” – Condition Monitoring Engineer, Food Processing Plant

The Kappa X Wireless Vibration Sensor provides reliable asset health indications that enable better protection of critical assets

The Kappa X is a part of the Sensoteq suite of sensors which is connected to an ecosystem of tools and solutions. Delivering the next-generation of data-driven maintenance for today’s operations, the Kappa X wireless vibration sensor pairs rugged electrical, temperature, power quality, and now vibration monitoring sensors with the Analytix cloud-based management platform. To learn more about the Kappa X solution, watch the new introduction-video produced by Stuart Walker.

RMS Sensoteq Wireless Vibration Sensor How it works

Learn more about the Kappa X wireless vibration sensor solution online, including: a detailed video introduction and demonstration at a UK power plant, six real-world case studies, the technical product specifications, FAQs, and a simple form to request commercial quotations.

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Founded in 2016 by two highly experienced innovators, Alan McCall and Idir Boudaoud, Sensoteq is the product of 50 years of combined expertise in new product development in sensing systems for the automotive industry. Together, Alan and Idir saw a unique opportunity to bring to market wireless sensing technologies suitable for application in heavy duty industrial environments. Sensoteq designs and manufactures low-powered wireless sensors for remote machine health monitoring, providing continuous measurements of critical parameters such as temperature and vibration on high wear components in a wide-range of industrial applications. Our products are designed to perform in the toughest environments, withstanding ever-changing and highly challenging conditions.

Last updated: 14th June 2024