PeakVue Plus – Bearing Friction

In this the third of three videos on PeakVue, James Sylvester shows that when the Emerson AMS 2140 is setup correctly, PeakVue Plus can detect issues with lubrication health, in this case, the bearing friction was off the scale! The asset in question is a critical plant fan on a variable speed drive with an operational speed of 1200rpm with 22224 EK Taper roller bearings installed.

Incorrect grease used

This short presentation shows how PeakVue Plus detected incorrect grease used by the contractor prior to any considerable bearing damage occurring. As part of the site maintenance annual shutdown the bearing caps were opened, the grease removed and it repacked with fresh grease. Watch as James explains how the PeakVue Plus technology helped confirm the root cause, (6 mins):
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PeakVue Introduction – Part II

In this the second of three videos on PeakVue, James Sylvester shows that when the Emerson AMS 2140 is setup correctly, PeakVue can pick up sub surface Hertzian cracks. In this example, James refers to a 110KW Motor on a variable speed drive for a plant critical pump.

Outer Race Defect Identified

On an asset assessment survey of a critical plant, a sub surface defect on a motor bearing was identified; this was very early detection and allowed time to plan in the bearing replacement as to not disrupt the production schedule. Watch James explain in layman’s terms how the PeakVue technology works and what sets it apart from the others (6 mins).
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What are common types of Misalignment?

30-second summary

  • Common misalignments are usual and can happen to machines in a variety of ways.
  • Left alone misalignment can reduce the longevity of bearings, shafts, seals, and even couplings.
  • Misalignment is the root cause of most machine breakdowns: bearing failures, and damaged seals, shafts, and couplings.
  • It is widely believed that 50% of machine failures are due to misalignment.
  • Treating the misalignment early on, whether by a soft-foot correction, dial indicator alterations or a full-fledged laser alignment, will help to prevent total machine failure.
  • The basic rule of thumb is, machines that are precision aligned will function for a longer period and costs less to run.

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What is vibration analysis in maintenance?

30-Second Summary

  • Vibration Analysis calculations allow you to detect early signs of machine failure/deterioration. 
  • A trained vibration analyst can easily understand the basics of vibration analysis as well as the failure modes of the equipment.
  • Predictive maintenance helps in preplanning all maintenance tasks as well as any unavoidable downtime.
  • Vibration data acquired from reactive maintenance can help replace or repair the parts which are exhibiting signs of wear and tear.

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PeakVue Introduction – Part I

Here is a the first example from James Sylvester of how visually helpful the new Emerson 2140 PeakVue Plus is while working on site. Read more

Flue Gas Recycle Fan: Introduction

The Flue Gas Recycle Fan is part of the COGA unit. The fan increases the efficiency of the COGA unit by recycling a proportion of the incinerated gases from the COGA stack. The fan is critical in sustaining high rates of operation on the plant, catastrophic failure of this fan would result in a COGA unit shut down. This would increase the emissions to the atmosphere and heavy fines could be imposed by the Environment Agency. Read more

Four-point Contact Bearing – 23RPM Defect

This would have been the final of five video case studies from the book ‘Enhanced System Reliability Through Vibration Technology’ (ESRTVT) by James Sylvester; but James added a sixth, as a bonus! In this video James demonstrates vibration analysis of a slow rotational Four-point Contact Bearing, with a 23RPM Defect. This is to remind us that correct database set up, and Time Waveform Analysis is so important in slow rotational bearings.

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30-Second Summary

  • Understanding the machine, getting early warning of faults, detection of all fault conditions, and repeatable measurements are crucial for effective vibration analysis.
  • Vibration analyst courses that are compliant with courses that follow the ISO 18436 standard are quintessential in the present-day scenario.
  • An efficient vibration analyst must take quick and economical measurements, and aim to detect the most common faults before the failure of the machine.

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How can Vibration Analysis help detect bearing faults?

30-Second Summary

  • Vibration analysis can help detect bearing defects, but can’t do much to enhance plant reliability.
  • Detecting the root cause of the bearing defect is equally important when it comes to ensuring that the same problem doesn’t occur in the future.
  • RMS offers Online, Public, and Onsite ISO 18436-2 CAT I to CAT IV courses for vibration analysis.

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