Flue Gas Recycle Fan: Introduction

The Flue Gas Recycle Fan is part of the COGA unit. The fan increases the efficiency of the COGA unit by recycling a proportion of the incinerated gases from the COGA stack. The fan is critical in sustaining high rates of operation on the plant, catastrophic failure of this fan would result in a COGA unit shut down. This would increase the emissions to the atmosphere and heavy fines could be imposed by the Environment Agency. Read more

Four-point Contact Bearing – 23RPM Defect

This would have been the final of five video case studies from the book ‘Enhanced System Reliability Through Vibration Technology’ (ESRTVT) by James Sylvester; but James added a sixth, as a bonus! In this video James demonstrates vibration analysis of a slow rotational Four-point Contact Bearing, with a 23RPM Defect. This is to remind us that correct database set up, and Time Waveform Analysis is so important in slow rotational bearings.

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