PeakVue Technology Identifies early Bearing Defect on Critical Asset

PeakVue Bearing Inspection Header

PeakVue Introduction – Part II

In this the second of three videos on PeakVue, James Sylvester shows that when the Emerson AMS 2140 is setup correctly, PeakVue can pick up sub surface Hertzian cracks. In this example, James refers to a 110KW Motor on a variable speed drive for a plant critical pump.

Outer Race Defect Identified

On an asset assessment survey of a critical plant, a sub surface defect on a motor bearing was identified; this was very early detection and allowed time to plan in the bearing replacement as to not disrupt the production schedule. Watch James explain in layman’s terms how the PeakVue technology works and what sets it apart from the others (6 mins).

The PeakVue Stress Wave Analysis Wall Chart consists of 12 detailed real world faults, captured using PeakVue Technology.

PeakVue Early Detection

PeakVue Early Detection Filter
Image of the critical pump motor.

PeakVue Spectrum Analysis

2 PeakVue Spectrum
Image of the PeakVue Spectrum.

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Harmonic Series Revealed

3 PeakVue Peaks Removed
Image showing running speed removed revealing the harmonic series, enabled by Peakvue

“PeakVue prescribes to the user the necessary corrective actions to preserve bearing life and ensure long-term availability of their assets,” said Robert Skeirik, director of machinery health product management, Emerson. “It’s like having an expert available at the touch of a button.”

BPFO One Order

4 PeakVue BPFO
Image showing BPFO One Order, 61.74 Hz

The Bearing for Inspection

5 PeakVue Bearing Inspection
Image showing the bearing for inspection

The AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyser takes vibration data and analysis measurements to the next level.

Outer Raceway in the load zone

6 PeakVue Outer Raceway

Image showing the Outer Raceway in the load zone

Microscopic Inspection

7 Microscopic Inspection

Image showing the predicted fault under microscopic inspection

James’s book, ‘Enhanced System Reliability Through Vibration Technology’ comprises more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of Vibration Analysis, Condition Monitoring and Reliability Engineering. It is written with the technical tradesperson in mind, interpreting Vibration principles into layman’s terms.

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Yes, but the correct configuration with the correct PeakVue filters is needed. See our PeakVue course for more details

The best mounting is stud mounted, however in a walk around route you can use a flat rate earth magnetic on a clean mounting point.

No, PeakVue uses standard Accelerometers, however the best results are from a high end premium Accelerometer.

We do indeed! Students can choose from ISO 18436-2 CAT I to CAT IV. Courses are certified by BINDT or Mobius Institue. Study options include: Online, Public and Onsite. See the Vibration Analysis Courses page for more details.

Last updated: 28th May 2024

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