PeakVue Plus identifies lubrication issues on critical bearings

Bearing Lubrication PeakVue Plus RMS

PeakVue Introduction – Part I

Here is a the first example from James Sylvester of how visually helpful the new Emerson 2140 PeakVue Plus is while working on site.

Poor bearing lubrication identified and immediately remedied

On a recent survey of a critical 110KW blower motor we noticed the PeakVue levels had increased. While at the machine we quickly ran the PeakVue plus and this highlighted the issue as a poor lubrication condition.

Instead of writing this in the report then living in hope the motor is correctly greased, we showed this at the machine to the site fitter and we were immediately permitted to lubricate the bearings and the levels reduced.

PeakVue Plus was great as we did not have to upload to the laptop to explain. We just showed them the colour chart indicating poor lubrication and they acted upon it there and then.

James explains this PeakVue Plus case example (4 mins)

Our PeakVue Stress Wave Analysis Wall Chart consists of 12 detailed real world faults, captured using PeakVue Technology.

Image and chart gallery

Critical blower motor

110KW Motor RMS
Image of the 110KW critical blower motor

PeakVue Plus Analytics – Lubrication Issue

Initial onsite PeakVue Plus RMS
Image of the 2140 at the machine with the Lubrication issue highlighted.

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PeakVue Plus Analytics – Lubrication Issue Resolved

After lubrication onsite PeakVue Plus RMS
Image of the 2140 at the machine after controlled lubrication

“PeakVue Plus prescribes to the user the necessary corrective actions to preserve bearing life and ensure long-term availability of their assets,” said Robert Skeirik, director of machinery health product management, Emerson. “It’s like having an expert available at the touch of a button.”

The vibration data was then uploaded to the MHM software for analysis

Vibration data reduction RMS
Max PeakVue Trend

PeakVue Spectra and Time waveform Data

Multiple Routes Spectra RMS
PeakVue Spectra and Time waveform Data

The AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyser takes vibration data and analysis measurements to the next level.

Wireless vibration sensor case studies

AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor
Kappa X Wireless Vibration Sensor


PeakVue Plus enables the AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer users to see at a glance not only whether a machine is in good working condition, but also the severity of an issue and whether it’s related to a bearing defect or lubrication. This helps field technicians determine root causes and quickly resolve equipment problems before failures occur and cause unplanned downtime.

Its anything with a bearing – anything! Emerson’s PeakVue technology cuts through the complexity of machinery analysis to provide a simple, reliable indication of equipment health via a single trend. PeakVue filters out traditional vibration signals to focus on impacting, a much better indicator of overall asset health on any type of rolling element bearing machine.

We do indeed! Students can choose from ISO 18436-2 CAT I to CAT IV. Courses are certified by BINDT or Mobius Institue. Study options include: Online, Public and Onsite. See the Vibration Analysis Courses page for more details.

Last updated: 14th June 2024

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